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Related article: The Lair Munachi © The trees swayed and ghostly cries echoed through the forest. In the dark creatures were large and thin with long arms, ready to take charge of them all. There were old trees, tall. I could not see how far into the night sky, they were achieved. Not a single sheet grew in them - only small twigs and branches, swaying slowly in the wind. The moon was hidden behind the clouds, only a very light silver sheen advise on the sky pitch black otherwise where was I, and a thick fog crept over the landscape, so to see that not going to be almost impossible for a little clearer. I felt the dampness of the ground beneath my feet. It seemed a living plant, just mud and decay of dead leaves and dead twigs that the wind had been uproot trees. Water puddles on the floor was covered here and there by a thin layer of ice had accumulated - the temperature mustwere around freezing. The forest smelled like death. Despite the darkness, I knew that there was nothing green, all floors or putrefaction or dehydration. A faint smell of snow in the mix, but could not. The air was heavy and wet and the fog that makes breathing difficult, moisture crept into my nose and lungs and eyes began to hurt after a while. was in the middle of the forest. I did not know how it got there or why he was there alone, wearing only a little nightgown did not protect me against the winter air. I felt like I just woke up - no different from the first moments when you do not know who or where you are. But after a while and was my confusion. The wind began to blow hard and messy hair pulling on my face. I had to use my hands to get back behind the ears. It felt heavy and I feared problems with my fingers through it, I do, it would be difficultBrush gently back to normal. The wind plays with me and tried to lift her nightgown up and down the back, like cold fingers tickle me. He gave me cold chills goosebumps. I crossed my arms and hugged my body, in the hope of warming myself, but do not seem to be useful. Confused, I looked around, wondering which way to go. No matter where I looked, I could not do anything that these dead trees swaying in the wind, their forms and more and more clear in the fog and darkness, the farther you saw. No trace of human existence, no light, no way. somewhere behind me I heard a rustle in the forest, like a twig breaking under the foot of a large animal or a human being, and suddenly I knew I was there because I was running from something or someone. I quickly went in the opposite direction to which I have heard that the sound went away and left. After only a few steps, quicklyuh, and operation - something inside me told me I had to flee. Small branches and chunks of ice on the floor barefoot. The first few times this happened to me when to stop, take a look at the damage they have caused might take. But I soon learned to ignore it. Every few seconds, I stumbled upon the roots, which grow to only slow down, seemed to be at my own pace. It was as if the trees stood feet, so I cover. I could hardly see anything. There was no way. I was really running through the woods. The branches of the trees seemed to be everywhere. That suddenly appeared before me, as I was too close to change direction and hit my face or my body. Or they have captured in a nightgown, as if he wanted me to take off. I ran. My breathing quickened. There was a sharp pain in the chest. Again and again I found trees Lolita Sex standing in front of me and could change direction slightly in the last minute to avoid that in this. More and more I heard footsteps behind me. Quick and not too noisy. As someone who is connected to it without much effort. As someone who used to run Lolita Sex in the woods can be quiet enough to know if I wanted to run. But he did not care, because they ensure that they were faster anyway. It was more than one person, two or three at least. More detail. run my tired legs. It forced me to take it a mild nausea in the stomach. In my ears heard the sound of my blood that my heart is pumping faster and faster through my body was. I felt dizzy. I was not cold anymore. Rather he was afraid, and makes the physical exertion of sweat running down my face from the forehead, mixing with small water droplets of fog had left there. Only the air remained cold. Stung like a knife in my lungs every time I took a deep breath. pounding my feet made ​​noises when they hit the mud. Contact the puddles,almost as strong as I have heard beat. The steady rhythm of my steps helped me to keep running. "Concentrate on the rhythm," I said in my head, I had no energy to say the words aloud. "Only in the rhythm of the feet! And do not forget to breathe. " My sides ached. part of me wanted to be left alone. I wanted to give in to what they were trying to catch. Just wanted to stop running. But another part of me was so afraid that I take all my strength and running faster filling. And yet, somewhere in the back of my head, I could not help wishing it could be faster, which could reach me soon. What was that? Why do you want? N "If I go to pick up soon that it can not be executed," I said to myself. But fear was not the only thing I felt. Basically, it aroused a feeling of emotion that does not admit. An emotion, illicit curiosity, what could they do, why they are chasing me. * SouthDenly I thought I heard the heavy breathing of the surroundings, mixed with quiet grunts. The slight traces of tears on the forest floor appeared right behind me and my fear was sure he felt the hot breath on my neck. the fear came over me again. I wanted to run. Almost. Away. Then came the foot again on something on the floor and got stuck in the mud, panting. The pain in my feet and said it should break. In my mouth I felt a slight taste of blood with the mud of the Lolita Sex swamp where he had fallen some mixture. Been bitten while falling I need on my lips or tongue. For a moment all I knew was that tiredness in the legs, do not run with the relief and the need for more air. Gradually the cold dust in my face and my body and pain in my foot came into my consciousness. I began to hear again what is happening around me. were three of them. I had already been captured, were the other two are very close and close around me in acircle. I lifted my face a little. But from what little I could see, I could not decide if they were humans or animals. They reminded me of wolves, but they were too big for him, and walked on two legs, gently, little by little. From my perspective, that seemed to be flying high in the sky, although their hairy backs arched. And although they had long snouts, there was something human in their faces. Maybe it was the shape of your eyes or nose, do not know. The body emits a stench that even if they have more than one meter away from me, I almost fainted, and at the same time felt the urgent need to breathe, smell the same time I did not want to breathe in Lolita Sex Finally , I knew why the forest smelled of death. For a time it was very quiet. I did not move for fear, but even if I did not have to be able to move. I like running around me, without sound, like a pack of wild animals, notnot noticeable by their prey, cutting potential release. They were closer to me is still so slow. They had time. She knew that I could not escape. And they were as silent as myself. Only the wind in the leafless trees, whose hollow tube of trees and "break the silence and cried my heart -.. painful blows I think my heart was the loudest noise in the forest listening suddenly the clouds lifted from the moon, and the whole forest was bathed in a mysterious silvery light. the fog cleared somewhat as well, and small drops of water glistened in the trunks of trees. ice and water on the forest floor reflects the light of the moon. my ​​head was slightly raised, I see more clearly. had their hands and feet, but over time sharp claws, bigger than people with too much hair to be a human being, and not enough on animal hairs are thin, their ribs were visible. Even in the snout full of sharp teeth, their faces looked human. But her eyes - she had the same color of the moon. She seemed to think, and had no pupils in his eyes. As they walked slowly around me, their eyes would not let him out of me for a second, they were glued to my body. a new wave of fear for me and made me move, and it seems that my little movement was all that was expected. They attacked. You just made a little sound when suddenly jumped up. Just a scratch of his claws against the ground pressure to lift the weight, and ever so slight breeze caused by the movement. felt a sudden weight gain for me. One of them landed directly on the back. His heavy body made ​​me lose my breath for a few seconds. A sharp pain of the nails cut into the skin than complain. I heard her groan around my ears. I felt warm breath, teeth. My head was pressed on the clay soil, so I see no possibility that what was happening. In an unguarded moment, had opened my mouth to an unexpectedd in a cry of pain, and choked with slime cold. The pounding of your feet or hands, do not know what it is rolling down the cold floor. I almost expected that any moment I would throw in the air like a ball, or rather, like a mouse, play with kittens after her mother began. , but did not pay attention so focused on me. By contrast, the three of them were fighting each other, but their struggle was directly above me, in fact, directly to me - do not worry about my struggle, their prey, if their bites, shock me if it hurts were missing. I could feel the weight of one of them seems to be right on my back. The toenails, dug into the skin. I felt each of his movements, when she was struck, and some of the other. He wanted to keep them away. They grab me and claimed me as his own prey. The fight seemed to be only a few seconds, and then I heard the squeak of the two disappointed losers, while thethird was hovering over my back pushed against the floor with your hands, cutting long nails on my skin and the remains of her little nightie fight was already damaged. I could not move her head back and saw the other two. They sat on the floor in a small distance, and left me alone, and the third now. But she looked at us, with saliva dripping from the nose, saliva, silver, like the moonlight, and his eyes do not move away from my body for a second. My panic gave me a sudden force. I did the right thing repelled me, I get the feeling looser grip... But I was paralyzed by a shooting pain in his right shoulder, near my neck. The animal bit me. But instead of tearing the flesh out of me, she stopped me with his teeth in a way that was impossible to attempt an escape for me to let go, despite his hands for a moment. The creature broke the remains of my nightgown. Somehow the fact that completeNaked Tely me aware that I was at their mercy. I had lost my last defense against the wind, much less I have to defend their claws and teeth, with whom I can kill in seconds. is The creature lifted me with his teeth dug deep into the flesh of my shoulder. It made me curious to turn your head sideways to him as far as possible to think of the pain. The lower part of my body was still lying on the floor, while the top was removed and hung on mysterious creature's mouth. I saw the forest, but only in a blur, it was still bathed in silver light - almost in spite of the beautiful dead trees. I thought I saw snowflakes falling from the sky drunken and dark on the forest floor. For a second I saw my own body, my own skin. Pale moonlight was unreal color, blue. He looked thin and fragile, almost transparent. A wave of compassion overwhelmed me - for me orwn, pale body under the threat of a dark, hairy arm slides under him was like a snake. The contrast of my belly, bright and clean, although lying on the ground, and the arm brown, hairy, all my concentration for a moment just saw the play of colors, and forgot the jungle and pain. the beast 's hand grabbing my breasts, his hands rough and hard pressed, cut into claws deep into the skin between the trench. All I could do what I felt, I saw nothing more. In my eyes there was only darkness, bright lights, dance. Everything else was blurred beyond recognition. claws moved slowly down into the stomach, tearing the skin. I could almost feel my blood dripping, but I realized that without feeling that they no longer cause me great pain. The iron hand of the teeth appeared on my shoulder, the rest of my body numb, concentrating all my nerves. My weight is hung from one shoulder it. First WatchSantander, why not break it, so that the animal would be there with my arm in his mouth have. Finally, the creature will be reused to keep your arms around me. I firmly believe that I was holding few steps. I pushed his body and the appendage between his legs suddenly aware, as a giant cock push me, bigger than most people would be. In spite of the situation I was, feeling creature awakens an instinct cock deep inside me, a slight recollection of events and the desire for a long time, not more, from the time before I was found in the woods, and an inner force pushing me to my own body into that of the creature, as if to measure their outlines with my skin. pain, anxiety and blood loss and dizziness made ​​me more every time, and only through a veil, I realized I was in the trunk of a fallen tree with his arms hanging over the side , put my legs on the other side. The crusty and dry irritated my wound, pushing small pieces of lightSections of my belly and breasts. the dark in me, I knew less and less what is happening around me, much less does not matter. "Maybe I'm weak", I thought, " maybe I'll die, you're good. " gratitude overwhelmed me : When I was unconscious and could not feel like I could not more injured. Along with everything else the relief I felt drawn into the darkness in me was the taste of blood on my lips, the smell of animals, the silver light, the trees, the pain, my mind - they all disappeared. What remained was only a black man slid into me... * excruciating pain between my legs, shook me violently to the reality of consciousness. At first I did not know : Not where I was, or why it hurts me - I knew the pain everywhere. After a while I realized what I had done my senses again: The creature had entered me, suddenly, without any preparation. Meanwhile, my shoulder had come loose. I am sUre still bleeding, but all the pain that had focused on it until that moment seemed to have moved me, within me between the legs. I did not feel nothing but the tail of the animal in me. Slowly, inch by inch, I felt it took off again, then press back in me again, suddenly and hard, as far as he could. Now I was fully conscious. I could hear the creature breathing heavily down my throat, I hear the groans of absolute low, almost like a growl. My body has carried out rapidly by collisions, which are now, and at the same time, abstained from animal hands on my shoulders and my back will take place at the right, so I could not penetrate deeply. All I could think was that I wish it was sooner. But always, when he pulled his cock felt the animal instinct wakes up again - I felt this urge once, while running from them. It touched me somewhere something to look forward to the next wave, which in turn proved toofor me. The fact that I was more than just pain and fear me scared me more than anything else. I tried to fight them, trying to escape my body, look at all that as an outsider. is as if I were two people at once: one who wants only for pain, anxiety, tremor of the body was blind, screaming that. And one that has nothing to do with this is that only the ghostly hardwood saw the fallen tree and my bright blue body - could be seen glowing in the moonlight, I saw my own blood, dark spots on the way and saw this and bestial creature, but human to take possession of it. I heard the screams of pain echoed through the forest and claimed to be me who screams. I have focused on the thought - wanted to ignore the feeling of "I". It is easier to think that feeling. With fascination, I heard my own voice, strong and full of pain was the first and hoarse after a while, until he finally declared only with youred, crying because I did not cry again. I heard the faint sound from the belly of Lolita Sex the beast was deeply impressed against my ass every time you entered. He felt his skin on any part of me, his hands on me. For Lolita Sex a moment rhythmic movements evoke the memory of the rhythm of their own feet in the muddy forest floor. I was like I was not lying there as if I was out of my own body. I saw the animal vulnerable claws pierce the skin of my legs, if you took them off and pulled them further apart so they could not penetrate more deeply. Just felt the difference, though - the pain and the pain was the same. However, every beat of my conscience forced to go back to my reality, my own tortured body, makes it difficult to think, not feel. Each of them seemed to kill. I could not do more, not be part of this. The "I", which in turn could only feel my consciousness back in with their desire to scream, rent, all the pain,do less by crying out. But I could not find my voice no more. Just seemed to burn within me there. I was only necessary parts of the creature, the rest of me did not care. But it was not able to completely eliminate that allow the animal instinct in me that made me groan and he craved more, and that scared me more than anything that happened to me. Trembling, I wanted to be for the next load, but the next moment made ​​me almost faint. " Oh, please let me weak again:" I was praying with trembling lips. " When I went again, or better yet, when I die I do not feel anything. " the darkness, the darkness, I was looking for somewhere deep inside me. Darkness, to drown the pain of dying my thought, desire. Gradually I became. I took his sweet abyss, took all the sensations, while the animal is pushed hard on me one last time and then suddenly it was over. * in the tree, all alone. Sweaty. I do not know if thand it was my own sweat or the creature. Wind blowing on my naked body, and I shivered with cold. The creature was gone. only after that. While I understand that was hit How long have I been here ? I would have fainted again Finally, my mind awake :. "If animals are gone, when I'm alone, I might be able to get me out of this forest, perhaps not too well, maybe I can help people looking for help me, the me in a hospital? " Perhaps he would survive after all, would be able to forget all that. Hope gave me the strength and resistance means that the numbness of my body fades, and the pain began to pound all by myself again. On my shoulder, had Lolita Sex a burning sensation in addition to the scratches on my breasts and my belly. In the left cheek, I felt a slight pain as well, although the creature is not even touched my face. The taste of blood in my mouth was dry and bitter. that the blood dripped on the floor to hear from all my wounds. That ran alongSide of my inner thigh as well. felt like to mourn, but I forced myself to remain silent. I could not move. In addition, I was allowed to fall into a swoon again. I had heard, to leave her, she had to be sure I am alone. I listened carefully at night. The forest was silent until the sigh of the wind. It looked almost peaceful. " Perhaps they have gone ? Maybe this is my chance of survival? Should I go? " was dark and quiet around me. The silver light of the moon was once again behind the clouds retreated. Lolita Sex Every inch of my body hurt, but the desire to help me survive. I will. All I had to do was get up, to gather my strength so I could lean on the arms of the tree trunk. Push -up itself - and then all that remained was to leave. * A pain shoot through my foot I was paralyzed for a second and then I was dropped from the tree trunk. My hands automatically went to his head to protect my face FRome is introduced into the trees. I was fast sliding along the forest floor. My mouth was filled with earth, it seems that I had opened a shout of surprise. Dead leaves drowned my voice. I forced myself to open my eyes and saw a race of creatures almost at my side through the forest, on all fours, one was a little more. With the moon last his eyes were black and empty. Their tongues were hanging from his mouth as he ran, and not worry about me. The third set was quickly running through the forest and, grabbing my leg between the teeth. Then a hole appeared in front of us and the first child and the second disappeared. As we neared the entrance too. It was black, could not see how deep the land was gone. The forest suddenly seemed bright and friendly, It is a morning in this case is that the sunrise and waking life, dissolves the mist and the air fresh and clean taste. If the darkness of the CAVand initiated around me, I knew he could never escape it. previous part : 1 2
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